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celebritystyle's Journal

The How-To on Stealing Celeb Styles
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Click here to join celebritystyle now. This community is Members Only. If you'd like a preview of what the community will contain, there is an example post for non-members here. Posting is now open to all members!! Please note that the aim of this is not to find the exact items that celebrities use, but similar ones that fit the style and usually cost less.

Community Rules:
1. Here's the obvious: all posts must be related to style, whether it be fashion or makeup, etc. Generally, posts should have something to do with celebrity style, hence the name.
2. Posting is not moderated at this moment, but if too many problems are experienced, that may change. If your posts are too obnoxious for dorksrock, chances are she will warn you and delete the post.
3. Large images must be behind a cut. Excessive text should also be behind a cut. I know some people say "oh just scroll past it" but this is extremely annoying to a vast amount of members here. Be a good judge about when a cut is needed -- chances are if you aren't a good judge, you'll get comments reminding you to cut it. If you don't get around to editting and adding in an lj-cut after fair warning, the post will simply be deleted.
4. Nobody wants your ratty old things. No trying to sell things unless there's a post to go along with it about how so and so has them too. Ebay posts are the worst things ever.
5. As far as breaking the rules go, you will get one, (maybe two if you aren't doing something as annoying) warnings before you are banned from the community.

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