HEART TO FOLLOW (_heartscontent) wrote in celebritystyle,

sleeveless hoodies

where do these sleeveless hoodies come from?

As well as these two toned hoodies, they seem to be from the same place as well:

(second to last on the right side)

Thanks in advance!
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a little bit of help? you might have known of those already though. :/
thanks! I dont know why it escaped to me to check American Apparel, but looking at the style of the clothes, it's pretty obvious. I kept thinking H&M.
I saw two-toned guy hoodies like that at H&M
American Apparel
What's with the Kiki fug above the cut?
lol @ the higher, they went to my high school.. so weird to see them blowing up.
is that the higher?
saw them open for panic at the disco in october '05. they're not half bad.

anyway, i know it's been said, but i'd try american apparel.
aa has been said, but what about urban outfitters?
AMERICAN APPAREL.. no place else.


June 4 2007, 06:43:21 UTC 9 years ago

<3333333333333 for the higher
my best friend almost had sex with tom, hahah
and seth is such a cutieee.
my best friend almost had sex with tom, hahah ahahha
what's the story behind that?!

i interviewed the fellas for the online music mag i write for. they're fun dudes
i bought a sleeveless hoodie from urban outfitters not too long ago. $30.
american apparel